Sunday, December 29, 2013

Electrical Appliances and Christmas

Hope you had a great Christmas. We had a good one just a few family and pretty much chilled.

Can't say that for our electrical appliances though, a week before the big day my washer died. My sister has one in storage so I was able to borrow that for over the festive period, thanks Liz. I am hopeful that mine is fixable and will ring an engineer tomorrow....

The dryer is making a rather strange noise too, I will have to get the engineer to look at that whilst he is here.

My sewing studio is a bit of a disaster zone, I've been ripping jeans apart with gay abandon for a quilt for my nephew for Christmas. There are threads all over the carpet and the bits I didn't use are strewn around the room. Our house guest is out today, I'm not at work and actually have some spare time, so thought I'd begin my next project. But I wanted to have a little clean before I began in earnest, or at least get the threads off the carpet. The vacuum cleaner took one look at the job I had lined up for it and promptly died. So now I've got to get that fixed too grrrrh

Just a tiny area of the carpet waiting for a good clean.

What is it with electrical appliances at Christmas? In the past our fridge decided to die on Christmas Eve, I'm pretty sure the dishwasher died at Christmas too.

I should just get on with the next sewing project.....