Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More quilting - what happened?

I've been making 4" teacup blocks for a block swap I'm hoping to join in, I haven't committed myself to it yet as I may not get them all made. I think I have to make 10 will have to check up on the rules later. Here's a pic of the 4 I've made so far -

They are paper or foundation pieced, a technique I used to hate and had given up on, I always got the fabric in the wrong place and was convinced I didn't have the brain for paper piecing. However, I had to do it for City & Guilds so I trawled the net then tried out every method I found, this is the one that worked for me http://www.quiltdesignnw.com/tips_p_piece.htm Now I have no problems with this technique and, dare I say it, I actually rather enjoy it:-)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Quilting - yes there is some

Having been asked to do a demonstration on machine applique and decided to make something from the samples rather than just have lots of them sitting around until the next demo request. It also gives me something finished to show which is small, but did i draw my design on paper? No don't be silly that would be the sensible think to do and I have never knowingly done anything sensible:) Long story short I forgot what I was going to make it but was much grander than the end result, I know this to be true as now that it is finished I remembered what my original intention was.... Anyway here is what I made -
It is actually a cushion but this is the best pic I have of it!
Yes I know it is pink and its hearts, but hearts are a good way to demo machine applique there are inny points, outy points and curves. And I have all that pink fabric left over from Charlotte's pink quilt, its got to go somewhere!


At last I am regularly remembering to take my camera out with me on our walks there is always something to take a pic of.
A busy bee at work among the thistles
I love these little yellow wild flowers don't know their name but they are pretty Ivy growing up a tree, Ivy has always fascinated me.


The Pups are growing at a great rate Tigger is still limping slightly, will give him another week before a return visit to the vet. He could just have got used to limping because he does put all his weight on when he is running, we shall see.
We were out for a walk I was taking pictures Tigger just had to get involved:o)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tigger has been limping for 10 days, we thought he had a sore pad due to over zealous ball chasing on the concrete one weekend, and though it has improved hasn't got better. So off we went to the vet to get him checked out, it seems there is nothing obviously wrong. We will have to see how he goes, hes also got to cut down on the amount of rampaging he does around the orchard, and strictly no ball chasing, how boring for an exuberant puppy!!

Catching up

The dead creature stench has, I am thankful to say, been confined to the cupboard so perhaps the dear thing is in the barn - the cupboard wall is also part of the barn wall.

I've still got this cold I've had for a month now, today I stocked up on loads of veggies, fruit, multi vitamins I'm going to blast the remains! watch this space. Its not like I don't eat my greens etc. I'm maybe not that keen on the fruit but will endeavour to eat more of both.

Been busy finishing a blue and white quilt still waiting for the binding but it is cut and ready to go as are the hanging sleeve and binding, these are the bits I dislike putting on like finishing though!

The boys went to the football this afternoon, time flys when you are having fun it hardly seemed like five minutes before they were back. I spent the whole of the afternoon sewing, bliss....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malodorous Pongs

What a day!!
Had the bright idea I would wash the sheets and for the first time in years didn't immediately put clean ones on the bed (it's just one of those jobs I hate) fatal.... !

Got a phone call late afternoon someone wanting a quilt, quilts live in a cupboard in my bedroom. Went to find said quilt, opened the cupboard door to be met with the decidedly unpleasant scent of dead creature mouse, rat....?
I gingerly deposited the contents of the very full cupboard on my unmade bed, chair, floor, dressing table etc. thankfully the dead creature was not in there, it must be under the floorboards or in the loft. So whilst trying to sleep I will get to savour this delightful aroma for several days as it decays. Oh the joys of living in a house attached to a barn!!! Perhaps we should get a cat.
Anyway now I have to face - sorting out the quilts and making the bed, well I didn't have time earlier I had a quilt to deliver, and all before I can go to bed. Hence writing the blog anything to put it off!! And I really ought to do a little cleaning in the cupboard, the local spiders appear to have moved in enmase.

Why oh why can I not follow even my own rules: take sheets off bed, put clean sheets on bed, put dirty sheets in washer, dry, put away, simple.

The moral for today: if only had I made the bed I could have dumped all the quilts on the floor and sorted it all out tomorrow! Can't dump quilts on floor and get around and make bed, could dump quilts on landing and put lives at risk...perhaps not, with my luck it will be me gets up in the middle of the night and a breaks leg tripping over them!!

Guess who didn't get to do any sewing today and is now feeling decidedly crotchety?!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Pink Parfait

Pink Parfait had another outing on Saturday so I took the opportunity to take some pix

It wasn't in the best of positions for taking photos this is the best I could manage.

A close up of the border and my hand quilting.

I am not a hand quilter but have been constantly surprised and humbled by the comments I have received about my quilting, it is ok but no great shakes. It is reasonably even but please don't put it anywhere near a real hand quilters work i.e. Sandy Lush, Lillian Hedley, Barbara Chainey or Gwenfai Rees Griffiths to name but a few.
Amusingly within the quilt there are stitches of varying size and spacing and the lines are not straight either! When I began I thought I was doing reasonably small stitches, but when I got back round to the start I was shocked at how much smaller my stitches had become. Now its all finished they are lost within the quilt, I'm not sure I could find my starting place now if I wanted too.
I am reassured that the overall picture not the individual elements within the quilt are what people see and admire. The errors/mistakes are either lost or maybe they only matter to me the maker, and then only at the time of creating the piece.

Play mat

I have had an awful summer cough, cold and sore throat for over 3 weeks now but today am feeling much much better, lets hope it continues:-)

I have been busy working despite all and have begun making Becky's play mat I must get a wriggle on she'll walking before its ready! any way here's a pic of progress so far.
I bought a pack of fat 1/4s to but only used 2 so I've raided my stash for the red and yellow fabric. I am determined not to buy any more fabric so the borders and backing fabric will be coming out of my stash too.
I went fabric shopping last week... no last week I went shopping for something, but came home with more fabric, I have no idea how that happened :o)
Its ironic I joined the contemporary group of the Quilters Guild in April, since then I haven't looked at, thought about or attempted to make a single thing that could be considered remotely contemporary. I've gone all traditional I'm even making another sampler quilt, perhaps I should have joined the traditional group!! I even found myself suggesting I might make a wholecloth quilt last Saturday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vegetable Garden

Look what was growing in our veg patch.



Weeds at head height!

Tony's been out with the scythe!

We've dug over a small patch and have planted some lettuce, radish and beans. I've also been given some outdoor tomato plants and have planted those out too.

Puppy Pic

Here's a picture of the puppies taken yesterday Trixie is on the left with Tigger on the right.

Elder flower cordial update

The elder flower cordial was ready last week I remembered today, as you know I had reservations about it due to its pungent smell. I've got tell you it is delicious, my son says it now smells like strawberry jam! It is as Babs promised very refreshing, thanks Babs for the recipe I WILL be making more!!!