Friday, April 7, 2017

April's UFO

Another month another ufo.

This one's a biggie I have part of a quilt made, using  the Bethany Reynolds Stack-n-Whack® method. The centre is pieced as are twenty something blocks required for the border. Having changed my mind about how to do the centre section half of it was unpicked.

On Sunday in a zealous fit of enthusiasm I unpicked the centre. Then chose some blocks to add, cut the extra pieces necessary, and remade the centre section.

On Monday I began to piece the border, this is when I discovered I had used the wrong blocks for the middle. Before I abandoned the quilt top I had clearly made four new blocks for the middle, half an inch smaller than the border blocks, grrrh. Obviously these were not the blocks I chose to add to the centre section on Sunday.

Time to unpick again......

Thursday, April 6, 2017


March UFO

This is a small bargello wall-hanging I began making back in 2005. I made the quilt top in an online course at the now defunct Quilt University. It was ready for layering up and quilting when I stalled, which is all to often my stalling point. However, I'm glad I didn't quilt this piece back in 2005 as I was nowhere near ready to do it justice, I'm not sure I've done it justice now but I like it.

 Purple Power (size 26.25" x 23.5")

Detail of Purple Power

Although in the pictures it looks blue it is much more purple in the flesh.

The original design is Bargello Blues and was designed by Ruth Blanchet of Arbee Designs where it is available as both a pattern and a workshop.

I quilted it very simply as you can just about see in the detail photo. Following the curves I quilted in the dominant dark purple and every three to four rows on either side. I didn't want to take away from the drama of the design so I used different threads to match the fabrics. Although this meant more stops and starts to the quilting I felt it warranted it.

I also added a faux piped piece just inside the binding.

I love this little quilt and am really happy it is finally finished.

February's UFO

I finally got February's UFO finished albeit in March, it is finished and that's all that counts!

Finished and pinned to the design wall.


It was quilted using a purple variegated cotton 30 thread from Gutermann. It was actually finished mid March, I've just been rather slow to update the blog.