Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cuddle Quilt finished - go me!

After a very slothful Festive season, I finally switched off the TV and did something creative!
That is I finished this cuddle quilt which has been sitting in a box in the corner, all cut up and ready for sewing, since the summer of 2005! It's made using folded Japanese technique from recycled jeans, denim and fleece scraps, and measures 48" square.


Karla said...

I really like that. So did you start with circle of denim and squares of fleece? I would love the pattern for it if you wouldn't mind. It looks so fun! I have been saving jeans for some time, for some project (unknown) and this may be just the project!

Julie said...

Hi Karla
Thanks. Yes I used circles and squares, will post the pattern shortly.

Al said...

Hi Julie - this quilt is fantastic! I also love your photos - they are wonderful. It's lovely to see how many people wround the world have been moved by the devestating bushfires we encountered - thanks for the support!

Julie said...

Thank you Al.