Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Dark Side and the Power of Two.....


Once again I've been seduced by the dark side....

One cold, dark and miserable November afternoon, I was seduced by the gorgeous wrap/shrug thing on the Debbie Bliss poster below:

Its also on the front cover of the Angel Pattern book. I'd been wearing the gossamer like fingerless gloves from the same book to keep my hands warm and was bowled over by just how warm they were, considering how light and airy they are.
Gloves 018  So the wrap had been whispering to me for some time, the Party Angel yarn was tempting me too but the warmth of the gloves was my undoing, under these provocative circumstances I did the only thing a girl can do.... I indulged.

For those who don't know, Party Angel is a delicate yarn in a delicious blend of Super Kid Mohair & Silk with a very fine thread of glitter running through it. The glitter gives a very subtle glisten to the yarn nothing too blingy.

Now this thing is knit in one piece and its got more than a hundred stitches. As you may know knitting isn't my passion and after the first flush of excitement it all got a bit tedious, but I'm not a quitter and I still want the wrap so I've had to force myself to keep going. This is where the power of two comes in, now don't laugh but what I'm doing is knitting just two rows of it a day. I know 2 rows doesn't sound a lot, its not, but its achievable and it does add up. I can't say I've stuck to two every day and some weeks I've been less than enthusiastic but most weeks I have managed to do a few rows even if it was only a couple. This week I've been particularly good and managed most days. I began a new ball at the weekend and I've done over an inch since then, I do like measurable progress.

Obviously its not yet finished but it is about half way there, if I keep on like this I may even have it finished for next Christmas..... but don't bet on it.

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