Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Year of UFO?

In an attempt to get some discipline into my quilting/sewing/knitting, life I have begun to document all my UFO's/WIP's/PHD's (for the uninitiated that's - unfinished objects, works in progress or projects half done). As very few of mine are WIP's and even fewer are PHD's I think I'll stick with UFO's!

The list appears to be endless, each time I think I'm there I find another. So in the interests of keeping my stress and also my blood pressure at manageable levels, I just take deep breath and add to the list when each new one pops up.

The endlessness of the list is not helped as I keep getting sucked into yet more and more new projects when at the shop!

Now for my first finish I give you the baby cardigan in white:

This was a PHD as all it required was sewing up, I soooo dislike sewing up knitted garments.

I began knitting the cardigan to use up a ball of yarn left over from another project, but there wasn't enough yarn to finish it so I had to get another ball.

Now that I've finished the cardi there is still loads of yarn left.... so I'm going to knit a baby hat, I figure it won't take the whole ball, but at least I won't have to buy another one, hopefully. I'll make the smallest size!

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