Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wool Stash (Just how much can I make out of the remains of a ball of yarn?)

I knit a baby dress for the shop some time ago, we'er talking at least one year ago, probably nearer three. It required a little white yarn for some edgings, since I didn't have any lurking I needed to begin a new ball.

After the dress was finished I had lots of white yarn left over, enough, I thought, for a baby cardigan. So I dug out a pattern one which required only 100gms and began. However, before I got it finished I ran out of yarn, so I started another ball, finished the cardigan and was left with considerable amount of yarn.....

This time I'm going to keep it small I'll knit a hat, to be sure I won't run out again I make it a prem baby hat. When its finished I still have lots of yarn left. I weigh the hat and the remainder of the yarn and there's more than enough for another one. This time I make a larger hat, I've still got yarn left. I'm getting bored of hats now. I make baby mitts, still got yarn left. Back to the weighing scales and there's still enough to make another hat, I make another even larger hat. I've still got yarn left. I make another pair of baby mittens. Finally the ball of yarn has about come to the end there is still some left, but if I try to make anything else I am going to have to start another ball and I'll be back where I started! So I've given it to the local school for the children to make something!

This has been going on intermittently throughout this year, in the previous two posts you can see the cardigan and the first hat.

Here is a picture of all three hats and the two pairs of mittens.

I've had enough knitting now for a while....

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