Saturday, February 4, 2017

Quilt as you go - Scrap Attack

One always seems to have lots of  bits of wadding leftover after any project. These bits are never quite big enough for another project, but too small to discard/recycle, and I positively hate joining wadding, frankly life's far too short for that, so they sit there in their own stash. Then there's the box/es of strips and fabric scraps  along with the ever growing fabric stash. A Quilt As You Go(Qayg) project is called for.

I've cut all the bits of wadding into either 8.5" or 7" squares, anything smaller went for recycling, one has to call a halt somewhere.

I've dug out some of the strips.

Decided to attack the stash and use some of my hand dyed fabrics for back of the blocks, which I've now cut to either 8.5" or 7", with leftovers becoming yet more strips/scraps.

and I'm ready to go...

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