Sunday, June 11, 2017

Catching up, May UFO - Bargello Seasons: Summer

So I finally got the April ufo finished and quickly moved on to May.

This is another bargello from 2005, when I seem to have had a thing about bargello quilts. Again it was something I made with Quilt University. It is called Summer and is one of the class projects from Bargello Seasons now available at The Academy of Quilting, taught by the lovely Ruth Blanchet.

Here is is just out of the box its been stored in. Sorry this picture is a little dark, its the best one I have.

There wasn't much to do as it was layered up and ready for quilting. It got simple quick quilting just picking out a few of the contours and a couple of straight lines in the border. I added the pre-cut (by me in 2005) binding, a hanging sleeve, and a label and it was done.

Summer wall-hanging finished, (approximately 41" x 26")

All the bargello quilts are now finished, so where to hang them?

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