Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Outside my comfort zone

Today I have been wrestling with more colours outside my comfort zone, pink was pants but this is worse. I've always been a blues and purples kinda girl but I bought some autumny fabrics a good while ago with the intention of making another sampler quilt, my first quilt was a sampler back in the eons of time, today I began to make the blocks. I have auditioned and cut out enough pieces of fabric for several fan blocks none of which look right. I like autumn colours but am unable to instinctively put them together in a pleasing way they look dull, boring, one will be SCREAMING out over the rest etc.... However I persevered and am reasonably happy with the result, still not sure about the orange in the corner though. (She persevered should go on my gravestone!!)

I sewed it together several times only to see I hated the result and had to cut more pieces and I thought another sampler would be a breeze:-) Is this why we begin with samplers we know nothing the quilt police have yet to find us and we just go with the flow? Now I know I could just go with the flow and stick with what I have stitched but.... it will bug me and I will constantly look at it thinking that's not right how can I fix it etc. etc....

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