Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Curves Conquered - update

Have spent the weekend quilting the sample I began at the Anja Townrow workshop last weekend and have sewn the binding on this morning, it just needs hand stitching in place. Now I know this will come as a shock to people as(I constantly tell your) I am no hand sewer but I do like to hand finish my bindings. I find it is the only way I can get everything stitched down and kept in place without any flappy bits! I am saving this last bit to do next weekend when I have the delightful pleasure of watching lots of sweaty 13 yr old boys run round a field after a bag of wind... yes my son has a football (soccer to our friends from across the pond) tournament on, I can hardly wait, just hope the weather bucks up a bit. Spring and summer appear to be over and now we are back to autumn, its cold, windy,and raining in buckets, out there!

I digress... Anja is a great one for quilting with more unusual threads not just run of the mill invisible or cottons. I have lots of metallics in my stash (who doesn't?) but have never used them for quilting before (they invariably shred, get tangled, break needles etc.). So following Anja's advice I was able to use them successfully, and I now have a quilt with bling or should that be a bling quilt?!

I managed to quilt it with only one broken needle caused by the one thread that wouldn't behave itself, but I refused to give in and forced it to become part of the quilt, it was of course the one I wanted to, and did, do most of the quilting in!

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