Sunday, May 31, 2009

Panda quilt along

I saw a really cute Panda quilt along on AJ's Blog and have been tempted to join in... Thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon playing catchup..... I'm only 5 weeks behind!

Have learnt that I can't follow clear precise instructions even if they come with very good diagrams/pictures?!

I cut out the face, cutting several pieces the wrong size in the process!

When I began to piece it and realised I had no back ground fabric, and was consequently 2 pieces short. The only fabric I liked and had enough of needed washing.
(Note to self wash all the fabric recently bought... eeek there's yards of it!)
Then the picture went horribly wrong, I managed to lose the ears in the background, had to place it on a white background so you could see it.

Not sure this panda likes me :0)

However, here's my progress so far.

Will now have a break, go make some supper, then back to the attack this evening perhaps.....?

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