Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The fight with the Panda continues!

Week 5 (in my case day 2) Turnstile Borders
The saga of cutting out pieces the wrong size continues! Last night I foolishly decided to cut out the fabric for the turnstile border, even though I was tired.

Consequently I cut the first set of cream/white triangles too big and have to trim them all, cut out only half the required number of the second set of cream/white triangles, and have now run out of that fabric. A bit of jiggery pokery was called for and fortunately I found I have a very similar fabric which I am adding.
On a more positive note I have successfully sewn 5 of the turnstile blocks here are two of them!
And here's pic of week 4 adding the top and bottom border, this was one area I managed to do successfully without any foul ups!

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Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! Thanks for playing along.