Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scrap and stash busting

I am in a very frugal mode at present, and am trying to use only fabric from my stash and/or scrap box.

This is partly because of the credit crunch, the wish to be greener, and also because I can barely move in my studio for the amount of fabric I have, this last is what I am convinced is stifling my creativity. My frugal self is objecting strongly to me buying yet more when I cannot accommodate or have yet to use what I already have, and is drowning out my creative spontaneous and spendthrift self.

So whilst Ms Frugal reigns supreme I am working with what I already have. When I ran out of cream fabric this afternoon (see earlier post) Ms Spendthrift was all for running off the the local fabric shop to buy more, and to be honest at one time that is exactly what I would have done. But Ms Frugal said 'No, lets have a look and see if there is something else we can use', and sure enough I found a different but similar fabric to complete my project. So I saved some money, now lets be honest here too, a lot of money was saved coz once inside the fabric shop it would have been more that the 'needed' amount that would have been bought!! I also saved on a car journey helping to keep my carbon footprint down too!

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