Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally a Design Wall!

Today I finally made myself a design wall, using about 2 ½ metres of fabric in the process.

About a month ago (after some nagging from me) Tony, my lovely partner, put up hanging brackets and found a long length of wood to use as a baton for a design wall, all it needed was for me to add the fabric.

I took down the temporary design wall, part of an old bed sheet to which everything needed to be pinned. It was also rather narrow, being just about wide enough for a cot quilt!

Since then I have been procrastinating about making a new one, because I thought the flannel fabric, which had been hanging around my studio for at least a year, would need piecing. However, when it was unwrapped I discovered it was over 100" wide, and just needed cutting to size and a hanging sleeve added!
As the new one is made of flannel fabric, blocks and fabrics should cling to it without the need for pins, and as it is a much better size it should be able to take a double bed quilt.

Time taken to measure cut, sew and hang – approximately 30minutes.
Time taken to think/procrastinate about it - approximately 4 weeks........ho hum is there a lesson here?!!

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