Sunday, February 1, 2009

Making Marmalade

Delia's marmalade

By chance I spotted Seville oranges in the local green grocers so am now making marmalade (its in the simmer for 2hrs stage).

I usually remember that Seville oranges are only available for a very short time in February and consequently find when I enquire about them that I have just missed them!

This morning I was out with the food processor, it has a juice extractor thing which takes some of the hard work our of the process, unfortunately the bit that collects the pips and other gunk doesn't hold 2lb of oranges worth. Which meant some of the juice didn't go into the bowl for collection, instead it went all over the kitchen worktop! Hope it doesn't affect the marmalade too much I scraped what I could catch into the pan, and wrote a note in Delia so I shouldn't be making that mistake next time.
I never used to write in books I was brought up to think of them as in some way sacred, but of late it has occurred to me as they are my books and are available in such vast quantities that it really doesn't matter if I write helpful notes that save me some hassle, work, and my sanity!

I also decided to save more work by throwing the skins in the processor for chopping up, Delia is of the opinion that they should be quartered and then cut into thin strips, we are having chunks in ours this year!

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Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

I used to shred the peel by hand. Gave up on that a few years ago. Like you I fling the softened peel in the processor and just blitz it a few times. Wot the 'eck - life's too short to skin an orange - or summat loike that. Or was it a mushroom? S goes to Christie H for CT scan tomorrow and more chemo on Tuesday - reacted v badly to infusion.

Will let you have some Bramleys to make Rosemary 'n Apple jelly this autumn as I know you enjoy preserving etc., Fabulous. Can have a taste when I next see you. Got one pot left so it'll only be a teaspoon - that's all. Sorry m'dear. It's precious stuff.

B xx