Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marmalade - update

Cooked and resting before bottling.

Toast and marmalade for tomorrow's breakfast me thinks yum yum!

A yield of almost 7lb of scrummy marmalade, I know its scrummy coz I cleaned out the pan!

As you can see I recycle any and every jam/honey jar that crosses the threshold! I know you are supposed to use those waxed disks and cellophane on the top but I don't, I used to until one year I made some jam then discovered I had non in so I just put the lids on, all was well so I haven't bought any since. I do discard any lids which are going rusty though.

I will freeze all bar a couple of jars, as I find it keeps longer and tastes like it was just made, I freeze my homemade jams too.

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Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

SNAP! Bought 7 Seville oranges (2kgs) )from Booths yesterday.
Soaking as I write. Oranges, not me. I use the whole fruit method. Not making as much as usual 'cos I end up giving it away. Having said that I have about 3 tablespoons left of last year's effort and, as you say home-made marmalade is just yummy. Strong marmalade especially nice in Bread 'n Butter pudding. I once made some that would make a strong man tremble! Yours looks wonderful and such a lovely colour. How about an orange quilt?
love, B xx