Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching up

The dead creature stench has, I am thankful to say, been confined to the cupboard so perhaps the dear thing is in the barn - the cupboard wall is also part of the barn wall.

I've still got this cold I've had for a month now, today I stocked up on loads of veggies, fruit, multi vitamins I'm going to blast the remains! watch this space. Its not like I don't eat my greens etc. I'm maybe not that keen on the fruit but will endeavour to eat more of both.

Been busy finishing a blue and white quilt still waiting for the binding but it is cut and ready to go as are the hanging sleeve and binding, these are the bits I dislike putting on like finishing though!

The boys went to the football this afternoon, time flys when you are having fun it hardly seemed like five minutes before they were back. I spent the whole of the afternoon sewing, bliss....

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