Monday, July 14, 2008

Play mat

I have had an awful summer cough, cold and sore throat for over 3 weeks now but today am feeling much much better, lets hope it continues:-)

I have been busy working despite all and have begun making Becky's play mat I must get a wriggle on she'll walking before its ready! any way here's a pic of progress so far.
I bought a pack of fat 1/4s to but only used 2 so I've raided my stash for the red and yellow fabric. I am determined not to buy any more fabric so the borders and backing fabric will be coming out of my stash too.
I went fabric shopping last week... no last week I went shopping for something, but came home with more fabric, I have no idea how that happened :o)
Its ironic I joined the contemporary group of the Quilters Guild in April, since then I haven't looked at, thought about or attempted to make a single thing that could be considered remotely contemporary. I've gone all traditional I'm even making another sampler quilt, perhaps I should have joined the traditional group!! I even found myself suggesting I might make a wholecloth quilt last Saturday.

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