Monday, July 14, 2008

Pink Parfait

Pink Parfait had another outing on Saturday so I took the opportunity to take some pix

It wasn't in the best of positions for taking photos this is the best I could manage.

A close up of the border and my hand quilting.

I am not a hand quilter but have been constantly surprised and humbled by the comments I have received about my quilting, it is ok but no great shakes. It is reasonably even but please don't put it anywhere near a real hand quilters work i.e. Sandy Lush, Lillian Hedley, Barbara Chainey or Gwenfai Rees Griffiths to name but a few.
Amusingly within the quilt there are stitches of varying size and spacing and the lines are not straight either! When I began I thought I was doing reasonably small stitches, but when I got back round to the start I was shocked at how much smaller my stitches had become. Now its all finished they are lost within the quilt, I'm not sure I could find my starting place now if I wanted too.
I am reassured that the overall picture not the individual elements within the quilt are what people see and admire. The errors/mistakes are either lost or maybe they only matter to me the maker, and then only at the time of creating the piece.


patchlisel said...

absolutly fantastic, great, so wonderfull, I love it.

Jules said...

Thank you