Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Malodorous Pongs

What a day!!
Had the bright idea I would wash the sheets and for the first time in years didn't immediately put clean ones on the bed (it's just one of those jobs I hate) fatal.... !

Got a phone call late afternoon someone wanting a quilt, quilts live in a cupboard in my bedroom. Went to find said quilt, opened the cupboard door to be met with the decidedly unpleasant scent of dead creature mouse, rat....?
I gingerly deposited the contents of the very full cupboard on my unmade bed, chair, floor, dressing table etc. thankfully the dead creature was not in there, it must be under the floorboards or in the loft. So whilst trying to sleep I will get to savour this delightful aroma for several days as it decays. Oh the joys of living in a house attached to a barn!!! Perhaps we should get a cat.
Anyway now I have to face - sorting out the quilts and making the bed, well I didn't have time earlier I had a quilt to deliver, and all before I can go to bed. Hence writing the blog anything to put it off!! And I really ought to do a little cleaning in the cupboard, the local spiders appear to have moved in enmase.

Why oh why can I not follow even my own rules: take sheets off bed, put clean sheets on bed, put dirty sheets in washer, dry, put away, simple.

The moral for today: if only had I made the bed I could have dumped all the quilts on the floor and sorted it all out tomorrow! Can't dump quilts on floor and get around and make bed, could dump quilts on landing and put lives at risk...perhaps not, with my luck it will be me gets up in the middle of the night and a breaks leg tripping over them!!

Guess who didn't get to do any sewing today and is now feeling decidedly crotchety?!!

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