Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not done any!

Oh heck its Tuesday evening and I still haven't tackled anything on my to do list. I have spent all my time doing paperwork and finding info for people about the quilt show, looking after family walking and playing with puppies etc... oh and there was the occasional game of spider solitaire.
I think I might switch the phone and computer off tomorrow and do some sewing. However, before I start I will have to tidy my studio again. How on earth can one woman attract so much mess and clutter in only a few short days?
I really am not having a good day, I took my youngest to football practise and thought I would do some knitting for the new niece, only to find, once I have sorted myself out, had the obligatory chat with other mums and it is too late to go home, I had taken the wrong needles. So spent the next 45mins watching several 12 yr old boys kicking a bag of wind around a field of grass, yawn. If I have something to do I don't mind sitting waiting and occasionally looking up and pretending that I was looking at the opportune moment of son's glorious triumph! But oh to be forced to sit and do nothing, now stick me in my studio with plenty to do and I can do nothing for hours on end! Ahhh human nature..... or is it just me?

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QUILTECH said...

Hi Jules,
i find all this a tad embarassing. Tongue-tied. Daft, isn;t it?

Will email re tags