Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh dear its been over a week since I last updated, I have been busy so haven't had time.
Interestingly the blog hasn't caused extra procrastination so far, as I have been doing much more work than usual!

I have been busy with Charlotte's birthday quilt, it is her birthday today but the quilt isn't quite finished. I still need to hand stitch the binding in place and at 86" square it takes some sewing, I'm not a fan of hand sewing hence the delaying tactic/procrastination :-)

Region 15W of the Quilters' Guild are holding a Quilt Show at Cartmel Priory - 'All Quilts Bright & Beautiful" - in aid of Cartmel Priory and St Anthony's Hall (QG HQ) on the 5th - 8th June 2008. So I have been busy getting more of the last minute details for the show sorted.
It is likely I will have even less time in the next two weeks for either quilting or blogging, I'm sooo looking forward to June 9th :-) and am going to buy myself a lrg bottle of alcohol, a lrg bar of chocolate and put my feet up! Oh and Charlotte's quilt is going in the show so I have to get it finished.
Here is a link for the show If you are in the area do come and join us.

I managed a day at the Loch Lomond Quilt show in Scotland at the weekend, will go for 2 days next time if I get the chance, or get there at 10am and use the bus. We found it difficult to fit into one day as we managed to get lost several times, so we didn't get to see all the exhibits which was a shame, as the ones we did see were all excellent. Janice Gunner's Shibori work was superb I left her exhibition wanting to get home and have a go. I think I will schedule some time for that on the 10th June, hangover permitting!

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