Friday, May 9, 2008

A recently finished ufo. I started this a few years back at LVQS in Lancashire, it sat in my ufo box until we had a ufo show and tell at wordsworth quilters. I felt the urge to finish it when I got home.
I would like to get a few more of my ufos/wips finished this year, although some are forever destined to be samples:-) Fortunately most of them are small hanging size I seem able to finish large projects, it is probably the skinflint in me, having used all that fabric I have to finish the quilt! Though now I think about it one king sized quilt did take rather a few years!
My current major wip is a double bed quilt for my daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks, it is just waiting for me to bind and label it. She ordered/commissioned a quilt 3 years ago, though I only began to make it last year, it took time to design, she wanted pink I don't(didn't) do pink!!


Mai-Britt said...

Good going Jules,
Great that you have started to finish your UFOs - we should all have a go at that!

Wonderful to find sombody who doesn't like pink........ It is my least favorite colour!!!!

Jules said...

Ooohh good I am not alone!
Pink seems to be surrounding me at the moment I've just knitted a pink matinee jacket for my new niece. I'm going to her a quilt but no one said I had to do it in pink :-)