Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RBR III finished. It looks better in the flesh I'm not good a photography its a bit hit and miss with me and the camera. Its amazing how long it takes me to make and add a hanging sleeve and label to a quilt. The blog has helped keep me on track and pushed me to get it finished as I feel obliged to report on what I have been up to even if no one is interested!

RBR (blue) and RBR II (lemon) They are all the same size not that you can tell that with my awful photography:-)

Working on number 3 has given me new ideas of other ways to use this design.

But first, my daughter's quilt is waiting, no begging to be finished, its her birthday next week so I really ought to get on with it. I've got it out but am procrastinating about finishing it, I do so hate getting started on things, once I am begun it is usually ok but oh the thought of beginning. It is a double bed size so will need squaring up on the floor. I will have to vacuum the floor first, which involves bringing the vacuum down from upstairs and I haven't vacuumed up there yet. Which begs the question do I finish (that's a laugh should say start) upstairs before I bring it down or do I ignore the carpets up there? Aha but it is time to make something to eat, after supper it will be 'too late' to start and tomorrow it will all begin again!! "And what is left to do?" I hear you ask, squaring up the binding, hanging sleeve and label is all, so how long can that take?

On a positive note I have tidied one very small area of my table in my what.....? Do I call it a sewing room, a studio sounds so much more glamorous and like work might actually get done in it, but my room is not in the least glamorous and not much gets done here, apart from a lot of thinking, oh ok procrastination. But sewing room sounds so mundane, I will go for glamour and have a studio, just hope I can remember to call it that! But will it enable me to do more work?

On that happy note I will go make some food and listen to the archers!


Mai-Britt said...

They are lovely..... funnily enough when I double click on III [top picture] - the lemon comes up as an enlarged picture! The two others are alright.......

Studio, definitely studio - the sooner you take yourself serious, the sooner others will! Some of the very best quilters work in very little space, and that is why I am so humble about my studio, just because I have lots of space, doesn't make me a better quilter, although it make me less stressful.

Jules said...

Thanks Mai-Britt, I have sorted out the problem with III.

I know it has to be a studio, but it is so chaotic in here it hardly seems to justify the name :-) I will practise calling it a studio until it is a habit.