Friday, May 30, 2008

Glorious Afternoon

The view

We spotted these fungi growing happily in a pile of muck

Having discovered one lot we found several more fungi and lots of thistles.

Having had such a yuckky week today hasn't turned out too bad after all.

We went to town this morning, bought a wedding gift, for my cousin's wedding tomorrow, no point in buying these things too early is there?:-) I have been unable to rouse my hairdresser so will be resorting to a quick trim of the fringe and hope for the best!
After town the nightmare of food shopping, and horror of horrors its half term the place was crawling with people and kids, it then took half an hour to get out of the car park, I abandoned all hope of getting petrol and headed for home.

After an extremely late lunch we took the pups for a walk, only to find the field we usually walk in has been filled with big beasties (cows) so we headed off to a really old abandoned quarry. It was so worth it I sat on the top of a small hill (maybe 10ft!) enjoying the view, listening to the birds, and the odd tractor spreading till on newly harvested fields, smelling the wonderful coconutty smell of the gorse and the heady scent of hawthorn it was bliss. We saw rabbits and hares along with fox and deer tracks, and discovered several fungi in a sheltered area growing out of a pile of muck!
I really wanted to get a few pix and cursed myself for not bringing my camera, but fortunately I had my mobile phone with me so used the camera on that. I am really impressed with the quality of these pix I had no idea they would be this good. I thought pix taken with it would only be any good on the phone.
We had a little adventure on the way home, I got stuck in the mud at the entrance. Fortunately we had found a plastic tube which we were bringing back for use in Dan's latest den. I had to take my feet out of my wellies one at a time and balance on said plastic tube whilst Dan pulled my wellies out, which were in danger of disappearing into the mire! Note to self 'be more careful where you place your feet next time'!
The to do list still remains to do! I have however, got all the place mats ready for quilting but with so little time left before the show the only quilting they will get is in the ditch. That is tonight's little job. I have sewn the blocks together for the table runners and have cut out the wadding (batting) and backing fabric. I just need to pin them all together and do a little quilting, again simple in the ditch will be all I have time for, hopefully I will have time for this on Sunday or I'm going to be up all night.


Singing Gardener said...

How did you cook the mushrooms?

Jules said...

I didn't. I left them growing I don't know enough about fungi to know which are edible. I buy my mushrooms from the local shop!!