Monday, June 23, 2008

Cordial and the lurgy

A quick update, the cordial is now boiled and bottled. No2 son was less than impressed with the smell during the boiling process! Anyway it now sits patiently waiting in the dark understairs cupboard.

I have come down with some sort of lurgy this weekend and have been barely able to get out of bed. I have got a very raw throat and now a cough has developed which just makes the throat problem worse. So have been watching trash tv all weekend, but I womanfully hauled myself out of bed this morning and got dressed, which actually makes me feel better than dragging myself round in my jammies and dressing gown!
Consequently I have done nothing creative which is now beginning to irritate me, a sign of getting better, I hope?!

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Singing Gardener said...

Hi Jules,
Worrying symptoms. A Beechams Powder might do the trick. That's my drug - takes 10 minutes to work - certainly makes you feel better, if not a cure. You might have a summer cold which is usually worse than a winter cold. Wotever, hope you soon be feeling your old self again (not the same tho', is it!)