Friday, June 27, 2008

Puppy party

I had to drag my poorly self to the vets on Wednesday evening to a puppy party. Tigger and Trixie were, I am pleased to say, very well behaved, Trixie was so good she even got to have a demonstration done on her! Teeth cleaning I don't think she was too impressed!
It was one of these occasions one really isn't too bothered about going but No2 Son desperately wanted to go so we went! Surprisingly I found it all very useful even though we have had a dog in the past. There's a lot more info around than there was 18 yrs ago when we got Zak. It apparently also helps the pups get used to going to the vets without having something nasty done to them. or should do but as we had them micro chipped whilst there I don't suppose it counts!
Like at all good parties they were even given a goodie bag each when we left!

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