Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Elderflower Steeping

Ummm it doesn't look quite as bad now, (can't say the same about the smell!) It is awfully green, was I supposed to cut more of the stalks off perhaps? Also there is a small creature in there looks like it is dead which is a relief! Just wish I could post the smell!!

On another note I neeeed a new camera. I go to take pix and it tells me the battery is exhausted. Exhausted how can it be exhausted its just been charged? I'm the one who's exhausted.... It has never been keen on taking too many pix at once, but this is getting ridiculous, I have a second set of batteries for it, bought them soon after I bought it. Also the bit where the batteries go in is broken, umm time to do some surfing...... Any recommendations?

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