Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunch on the lawn.

After this morning's manic tidying/cleaning session as I was making lunch Dan asked if we could eat outdoors. So we dug out the filthy patio table and took it around the front of the house covered the muck with a table cloth and ate in the glorious sunshine with the puppies playing happily on the lawn.
I know, we could have had a picnic but its a bit of a pain if you are continually shoving puppies out of the way as you try to eat your grub(food)! and its hardly fair to leave them shut up on such a beautiful day.
So what delights did we partake of? Egg butties (sandwiches) and salad!
My mother would have a fit if she knew we had eaten off such a dirty table. Had she been in charge it would have been scrubbed to within an inch of its life, then it would have been left to dry as we dined indoors! My theory - we can clean the table later, it might rain tomorrow and we'd have missed our chance. With the English weather it really doesn't do to take chances!!!!

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