Monday, June 16, 2008

Reality = Cleaning!

Life begins to return to normal here after the excitement of the Quilt Show. I spent most of last week sleeping/procrastinating.
But not today - today I hauled myself out of bed at a reasonable hour, showered, dressed, put laundry on, ate breakfast then I cleaned the house. Not all of it I hasten to add but I did vacuum the main rooms and even dusted some of them!! The studio still requires attention though, lots of attention.
Its not the cleaning that is the problem though is it? Its all the stuff that seems to accumulate when you turn your back and are not watching for a couple of days. The junk mail that should never have been allowed past the letterbox, the paperwork left lying around instead of being filed, the clothes that have been washed and dried but are still languishing in the basket or dumped on the settee waiting to be folded and ironed. Then there are the newspapers that should have been put in the recycling last week, why are they still littering the house? On and on it goes....

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