Friday, June 27, 2008

Feeling better!

It feels like all areas of my life have been neglected of late. I have been feeling really horrid with this throat and cough which, thankfully, are now on the mend. But I am getting very little sleep as the minute I settle down I begin coughing and it just seems to continue all night.
I gave up caffeine some years ago now only drink decaff coffee,one night I managed to take something which contained caffeine and then lay awake until 4:00am its no wonder I'm beat!! On the plus side I did a lot of designing in my head, even transferred it to paper, but whether any of it will ever find its way into a project is another matter!

The other plus is tidying my studio I come in and tackle a very very small area each day, stopping the second I get tired. It is looking so much better I may even be able to tackle a project soon without having to hunt for my equipment first.

This bug also meant I was unable to go to No2 son's football presentation evening last weekend, and wouldn't you just know it that was the night he won a trophy! Still at least his dad was there to see him collect it, he is just sooo pleased with himself!

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