Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pink Parfait

Not a brilliant pic as I forgot my camera only had the mobile phone, we had a chap photograph all the quilts so hopefully he will have a better one than this.
The pattern/block is jewel box, it is machine pieced and hand quilted. A very traditional quilt and most unusual for me, it seems a few people who know me were shocked when they discovered it was mine!! They don't expect me to make a traditional pink quilt, I'm also known for doing everything on the machine, I don't have time to hand quilt/sew!!!


Mai-Britt said...

Congratulations......... how wonderful for you! And visitors choice....... just great, a real compliment - perhaps you will enter it at FOQ next time. I would love to see it for real. In the meantime you could take some good photos with a detail please, and post it on your blog.

Jules said...

Mai-Britt thank you, I was/am thrilled.
I hadn't thought of entering FOQ thanks for the suggestion.
I will take and post a better pic when we get a nice day. At the moment it is wet and windy!